April showers bring May showers

It must be raining for nearly two weeks straight. With April showers over and May slowly crawling into existence, I wonder to myself if Hell has frozen over and global warming really is changing the world at an accelerated rate.

There is nothing like walking down Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ when the sun is shining. College students and young professionals seep out of open doored bars, aimlessly stroll boutiques and gather for some touch football in the various parks that scatter around the mile-square city. I wonder to myself, “where are you Mr. Sunshine?”

It’s now early May and looking at the 10-day weather forecast no hope is in sight. I know I shouldn’t believe weather.com as its failed me miserably in the past but for some reason…I believe him this time. I wonder if I was better off when I lived in the UK – but then again, I wonder that frequently. Another work week quickly comes and goes, rotating between feelings of importance, frustration and damned boredom.

My little rain boots, painted thin with tiny terriers wearing pink bows, slowly start to make the bottom of my feet ache. I’m unsure how many times I can take my umbrella being blown inside out from the strong winds coming off the Hudson and dream about the summer days I’ve struggled through this endless winter waiting for the cold and dreariness to end. My thoughts are engulfed daydreaming about what should be; days of picnics in the park over lunch, working out on the pier, sipping pints on sidewalk cafes and sweating on the subway.

Oh Mr. Sunshine, please do hurry and come out and play.

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