There’s trash in the sky!

There’s trash in the sky! There’s trash in the sky! Only in New York City can you look up, and see trash fly by. The seagulls squeak, but where do they live? No beach in sight, there’s trash in the sky!

Do the seagulls chase the balloon as if it were a boardwalk fry? But clearly they know, it’s just trash in the sky! The planes fly high, up top they go. Is a young boy looking out the window, saying “Mom look! There’s a bag flying by!”?

On the corner of 34th and 9th the garbage can over flows, piles onto the street, seeps into the subway, then up to the sky. How strong is the wind, to make it fly so high? Clearly only in New York, can you watch trash fly by.

So, what did you think?

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