For Jake

New Farm Park

Lisa & Jake, New Farm Park – Brisbane

One of my dear flatmates for the last year has just moved away from Brisbane for the first time to travel Europe. I couldn’t be more proud and excited for him, knowing how the unforeseen will shape his life forever. In a recent conversation raving madly “but he’s only 22,” I squealed, my mom reminded me that I was only 19 the first time I roamed Europe by myself – and ten years later am still at it.

If I can offer any  of my personal experiences to my soon-to-be worldly friend, here are some pointers:

  1. Firstly, pack only what you can carry. Europe’s a bitch of cobblestone streets. Go with the backpack wheely – the ultimate combo!
  2. Try the local food; even the weird stuff, even if just for a bite.
  3. Meet the locals; booze usually works. They also appreciate small attempts at speaking their language. Again, booze usually works – at the least it’s entertaining.
  4. Bring a good book. When your done leave it behind for someone else – scribble something mysterious inside the front cover.
  5. Carry a pen and notepad – then use them. You won’t regret looking back on your words.
  6. Stay connected – at least so they know you’re alive. Thank G for Skype and Facetime!
  7. Bring a good camera and a cheap one. Chances are you’ll lose one, and likely will be too lazy to bring the good one out.
  8. Stay at hostels with bars; it makes mingling easier – there’s always someone who’s thirsty and down for a chat.
  9. Still need a friend? Do the classic bum a cig move – always a conversation starter but remember backpackers are stingy with their cigs so throw a Euro out there as a piece offering.
  10. Pretend to be someone else, just for one night. Alfredo perhaps?
  11. Don’t forget to stay true to yourself – you realize after the above fails.

Have no regrets! You wont remember feeling lonely, scared, defeated, tired when you  eventually come home – only the amazing people, places, food, adventures you’ve had – exactly as I’ll remember you and Sam!

729 Crew - Sunday Afternoon Bliss

729 Crew – Sunday Afternoon Bliss

2 thoughts on “For Jake

  1. You are so lovely! I was just telling someone about you today and how it would be great if you were here for some guidance haha. So check for meeting a friend, and also eating local food (we were eating frogs legs and snails at the time). Oh and he was only 18 so I’m not that young!

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