Athens Backpackers

The location couldn’t be better. An easy commute from the airport and the port of Pireaus, the hostel is literally seconds from the Acropolis and Plaka.

The staff are friendly and accomodating, offering free breakfast (toast and hard boiled eggs). If arriving early, there is no locked area for baggage, simply just a storage area in one of the open common rooms.

The view of the Acropolis from the rooftop bar is spectacular and you can’t beat free ouzo shots and 1 Euro pints of Mythos (although they do require a 50 cent deposit in an effort to recycle cups.) *Pete, the bartender, is a riot with his over zealous stories and love for the Athens nightlife. Staff typically takes the backpackers on a mini-pub crawl post the hostel bar closing around 11.

The beds and rooms are clean for a typical hostel and many accompany a small balcony. With Athens being a smoking city, the hostel is a breath of fresh air for a non smoking residence.

Beer and water are available at the front desk along with maps and the very knowledgable staff.

The lounges aren’t that large or comfortable so don’t anticipate dropping your bag and taking a quiet snooze, it won’t happen. This limited space also doesn’t allow late night partying within the hostel doors. But then, Athens nightlife is very lively.

I defintely recommend and will re-visit Athens Backpackers.