A few things I learned along the way

For anyone who wishes to travel more but may be scared, so am I.

For anyone who would like to explore the world, I understand it takes time and money.

For anyone who is curious about other cultures, they’re not so different after all.

For anyone who wants to taste something amazing, challenge your pallet.

If experiences are the key to life then traveling is the experience.

Here are a few things I learned along the way.

  1. It is a small world after all.
  2. But the world can be a lonely place.
  3. The goods news is there is always a friend to be made.
  4. People are people at the end of the day, despite race, language, sexual orientation – smile at them.
  5. Remember where you came from.
  6. Others will always do what they need to do for themselves. Do what you need to do for you.
  7. Anything is possible, if you make it happen.
  8. Follow your dreams. Then keep following them.
  9. Someone else will always do more. Most people do less.
  10. Explore as if you’ll never return.

On top of Table Mountain